Value Club is a V-Mart rewards program where you can enroll for free with just your mobile number, when you shop at any of the V-Mart stores in India.

It is also incredibly convenient as you only need a mobile number to earn & redeem your points as your mobile is your card now!

JOIN V-Mart Value Club today in 3 easy steps
  • Shop at any V-Mart Store
  • Give your Mobile num & Name
  • That’s it! You’re now a member of Value Club

V-Mart Value Club Tiers & their Benefits:-

Tier Slabs Points for Fashion + lifestyle + Kirana Tier Criteria
Base 100-1998 1 point/ Rs 100 Bill for Rs 1999 n above with 3 months n get upgraded to Silver Tier
Silver 1,999-24,999 1 point/ Rs 100 Silver Membership is Valid till Life Time
Gold 25,000-49,999 2 points/ Rs 100 Bill for 25,000 n above to upgrade Gold tier within 2 yrs
Platinum >=50,000 3 points/ Rs 100 Bill for 50,000 n above to upgrade Platinum tier within 2 yrs


1. How can I become a member of V-Mart Value Club Program?
It’s an easy stepwise process to enroll yourself into V-Mart Value Club Program. Whenever you shop at any of the V-Mart stores, just share your Name and Mobile number at the time of billing. You are on board as V-Mart Member and will start earning points. However, you need to bill for Rs 1999 in 3 months to avail the Program benefits.

2. How long is the V-Mart Value Club membership Valid for?
The V-Mart Value Club membership is valid for Lifetime, subject to applicable terms & conditions as prescribed.

3. What are the important details required for V-Mart Value Club membership?
The mandatory details which would be needed for membership is: - Full Name and Mobile number. Also, you can provide for Date of birth, Date of Anniversary, residential address with Pin Code and email ID so that you avail the other benefits of V-Mart membership.

4. How can I update my Profile?
Logon to www.vmart.co.in and update your date of birth, address with Pin Code, email-id, and anniversary date.

5. Where can I earn points using my V-Mart Value Club membership?
Simply quote your mobile number and earn points* while shopping at all the V-Mart stores in India.

6. What are the benefits I get as a member based on the different tiers? As a member you are entitled to exclusive benefits based on your tier status which includes:-

  • Points on every purchase at a V-Mart Retail store.
  • 50 bonus points on reaching the Silver Tier.
  • You also get attractive offers on your Birthday & Anniversary
  • Exchange Facility up to 30 days * for Garments is applicable for Silver, Gold & Platinum Only.
  • Apart from this you get access to exclusive store promotions, preview to the end of season sale, customized offers and relevant updates.

7. How many points will I get as a V-Mart Value Club member when I shop at any of the V-Mart Store?
As a member you are eligible for exclusive benefits based on your tier status.
Refer to the below mentioned table for details on the number of points a member can earn at each V-Mart Retail store for every Rs. 100 spent for Fashion, Lifestyle & Kirana.
Silver= 1 Point
Gold=2 Points
Platinum=3 Points

8. Will I always get points for all my transactions at the V-Mart stores?
Points are awarded for shopping, except in the following scenarios:

  • Special offers, promotions, discounts or items excluded by the management from time to time at its sole discretion;

9. Will I get points if I exchange my product at the store?
During your purchase if any points were issued, then while exchanging, the same will be reversed on issuance of the credit note. Once you make a new purchase with the credit note, points will be issued as per the new purchase.

10. How frequently do the Points get updated in my account?
The point gets credited after 48 hours of your shopping.

11. What is the validity of the points?
V-Mart Value Club points are valid for a period of 12 months from the date of accrual.

12. How long Birthday/ Anniversary / Bonus points valid?
Birthday & Anniversary points are valid for 15 days from the date of issuance & the validity of the bonus points will vary as per decided by V-Mart policy.

13. How can I Check my current point balance?
Members can check their point balance in any of the following ways:-
1. Login to the website www.vmart.co.in & enter your User Id and Password which will be sent to you by sms .
2. By visiting any of the V-Mart stores.
3. V-Mart Mobile app

14. How can I spend my V-Mart Value Club points?

    As a member, once you accumulate a minimum of 70 points, you can visit any of the V-Mart store and spend your points during billing.
  • Simply mention your Registered Mobile Number to the Cashier at the time of billing
  • An OTP will be sent to your mobile
  • After Successful Validation of OTP, redemption will happen
  • *the unit value of a point is 50 paisa.

15. Do I need to accumulate 70 points every time I want to redeem?
Redemption threshold is valid only for the First time.

16. How do I get to know about the special offers and promotions?
Just ensure your mobile number and email id is updated with us and we will ensure you receive all the relevant updates, special offers and promotions.
Also, you can download V-Mart Mobile App to stay updated on Latest offers and promotions.

17. Will I get Points on Kirana Items?
Yes, you will get points as per the above mentioned slab currently you are in.

V-Mart Membership Value Club Rewards Program is subject to following terms & conditions (t &c)
• To be eligible for the membership of the Value Club program, applicant should be an Indian citizen and who is competent to contract, under law.
• For enrolment under the program, he/she must share his /her mobile number, name and make specified purchases. Member agrees that with enrolment his/her mobile number shall become unique identification number under this membership program
• V-Mart Retail Limited reserves the right to decline/ reject V-Mart Value Club membership to any applicant without assigning any reason whatsoever.
• Application will not be considered for enrolment if any of the details provided for enrolment are incorrect or non-factual.
• The member agrees that that he/she has read, understood and accepted the detailed terms and conditions of V-Mart Value Club membership program and is bound by them
• V-Mart Retail Limited is not responsible for the loss of discount / reward due to misuse of membership.
• Member does not have any right to ask to convert discount / reward in cash or its equivalents.
• V-Mart Retail Limited shall reserve its right to communication under any mode.
• Member also authorizes V-Mart Retail Limited to use member information for offering products and services to the member, including from its associates/ partners/ unless specified otherwise-Mart Retail limited may disclose and / or share member information with any other third party for its business interests and member has no objection to do so.
• No Claim of whatsoever nature arising out of the Value Club program shall be entertained by V-Mart Retail Limited.
• All special offers and discounts are subject to availability and the Company reserves the right to amend, change, or cancel offers at any time without notification.
• Your points expire as per program rules mentioned below. V-Mart reserves the right to alter, modify the point’s validity/expiry rule with or without prior information.
• Any dispute should be referred to the Company and the decision of the Company shall be final. The Courts at Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction in case of any dispute.

• The Company may terminate the member’s membership of the scheme, without notice, for any reason in its sole discretion, including without limitation the Company’s belief that continued use of such membership would violate any provisions of these terms and conditions, applicable law, or otherwise be harmful to the Company’s interests.
• The Company’s decisions on all matters relating to or in connection with the use of V-Mart Value Club Program, including but not limited to privileges, benefits, gifts, and vouchers shall be final and binding on the Program member and no correspondence in this regard shall be entertained.
• The Company shall not be liable in any way :

o For any malfunction, defect, or error in any terminal or other data processing equipment, software, or system used to process V-Mart Value Club Program transactions, whether belonging to or operated by the Company or other persons.
o For any delay or failure in processing member’s transactions because of any electronic, mechanical system, data processing error, or telecommunications defect or failure, act of God, civil disturbance or any event outside the Company’s control or the control of any of the Company’s servants, agents, or contractors.
o For any fraud and/or forgery in relation to the V-Mart Value Club perpetrated on the Company or any of the Company’s servants, agents, and contractors.
o The member shall fully indemnify and keep indemnified the Company against all claims, demands, action, proceedings, losses, damages, costs, and expenses of any nature (including legal costs on an indemnity basis) suffered, incurred, or sustained by the Company directly or indirectly by reason of or in connection with these terms and conditions, including without limitation: any use or misuse of the V-Mart Value Club membership. Any breach of these terms and conditions on the part of the Program member.
o By becoming a member of the Program, you confirm that you will cooperate with Vmart in providing it with any information that is not private and very confidential in nature.
o By becoming a member you confirm that you will allow V-Mart or its alliance partners or any other third party vendor that V-Mart has tied up with to contact you through email or phone or SMS or any other medium.
o V-Mart reserves the right to amend membership validity or block your points earnings/points redemption/account at any time during the Program at its own discretion.
o All communications relating to the Program will be sent to the contact details mentioned by the member at the time of registration / enrollment unless contact details are changed by the member upon request.
o V-Mart assumes that the contact details given by the member are correct and V-Mart bears no responsibility for any member not receiving any communication or reading any communication.

• The member agrees that by participating in the Program or by quoting the membership number to either V-Mart or any alliance partners, member confirms that all Program terms and conditions, participation rules, and processes have been read, understood, and that the member is bound by them.
• V-Mart reserves the right to amend, modify, or remove any terms and conditions of the Program, or withdraw, suspend, cancel, or terminate the Program or any other promotion or privileges or services offered to the customers under the Program without citing any reason whatsoever or without prior notice thereof.
• Member authorizes V-Mart Retail Limited to disclose member information to the government, authorities or component authorities to credit bureaus or third  persons to comply with its obligation under the law. Member also authorizes V-Mart to use member information for offering products and services to the members, including from its associates/partners, unless specified otherwise.
• V-Mart reserves the right to interpret the Program rules at its own discretion.
• Your Program membership cannot be transferred to any other person’s name.
• V-Mart is not liable in case a data crash should take place and the member’s account information cannot be retrieved for some reasons. In the event it happens V-Mart will not be liable to accept redemption of unredeemed points or any on the benefits associated with the Program.