We want to grow our business. But we know that long-term success is only achieved if we are able to add value to your life while acting responsibly towards the environment and the communities we’re a part of.


V-Mart to sell products for visually challenged persons on no-profit, no-loss basis across its stores

In a first initiative of its kind in India, the major retail chain has joined hands with Saksham Charitable Trust to make available Braille and other assistive & utility items across its stores on no-profit, no-loss basis to empower visually challenged persons.

A large range of assistive and utility products including Braille watches, Talking items, Low vision items, Canes, Braille learning device, Writing frames device, Math’s/Geometry items, Games, Stylus, Computer/Daisy books reading & recording devices, Audio described films, Nuance talks software for mobile/Screen software for computer and other items will be made available at V-Mart stores.

To begin with, these products will be available in V-Marts stores in the cities of Ajmer, Allahabad, Chandigarh, Dehradun and Gorakhpur. The number of cities where these items will be available will expand gradually.

V-Mart has joined hands with Saksham Charitable Trust, an organization which works for the empowerment of visually challenged persons, to take forward this initiative. Saksham will source and make available these items for V-Mart stores. V-Mart will provide space, promote and market these products. The entire proceeds from sales of these items will go to Saksham.

Project Koshish

Give young ones the chance to indulge in a game of football, or ask them to sprint 100 metres, and they’d jump at it. Clammy heat or bone-numbing cold is hardly going to deter them!!
Looking at the enthusiasm of this spirit, on 26th January, 2017 an underprivileged professional football programme has been initiated to develop the underprivileged kids into professional footballers with an aim is to develop a livelihood and instill a positive effect in the community using football as a development tool.
So far, this program has gone at the grass-root level to select 50 talented & aspiring footballers, to nurture & train them as professional players in the next 5 years. Under this program, these children undergo rigorous training to play at various Local, National and International Football Tournaments. Their training and grooming includes all the infrastructure, football equipment, kit, shoes and nutrition. Regular monitoring on their skills, energy, strength and stamina is tested.
The Company’s vision is to provide a 360 degree holistic platform for underprivileged talented footballers both boys and girls, who will get an opportunity to get trained and play for the Indian National as well as International Teams.

Project Readvantage

Gifting a child the will and the skill to read is one of the most empowering contributions one can make towards nation building. While we worked with the schools, there is a vast segment of children who don’t have access to quality basic education. It is no surprise that this is the segment where the need is the greatest. Knowing the importance of the same V-Mart in association with Stones2Milestones started a programe called Project Readvantage wherein the focus is on enabling the skill to make English reading easy & enjoyable.
The responsibility revolves around by identifying the cluster of schools & enabled them as ‘raise a happy reader’ by gifting each one of them the ‘skill & will to read’, which is the foundation for kids to learn English as a language. This happens by simply integrating a shift in English language teaching, empowering teachers and equipping children.
Through this program we are able to reach out to 4000 children in different cluster of cities and choose to make a difference in their lives.

Project Ujjwal Bhavishya

We understand that the lack of education is a root cause of various social and economic problems and therefore, believes that the education should be the primary area of intervention for empowering the communities. This is where the notion of the Ujjwal Bhavishyay program was born. V-Mart has teamed up with Friends Union for Energizing Lives (FUEL) an NGO with the main aim of encouraging students to pursue their higher education in semi urban and rural areas. The scholarship amount of Rs 10,000/- per student will support the study fees that would require finishing XI Std. The students from underprivileged families in UP, Bihar and other northern states of India will be selected on the basis of their high scores in Std.10.
There is no dearth of young talent in India, however due to lack of financial support and non-availability of proper mentoring support, lakhs of students are unable to pursue their interest and talent. Students drop-out from formal education system due to varied reasons, bringing the higher education GER (Gross Enrollment Ratio) in India down to 22.
The primary objective of this program is to recognize, promote and financially assist the meritorious students belonging to economically weaker sections, so that they are able to pursue higher education. This much sought scholarship program was instituted in the year 2017-18 thorough which we would be able to bring change in 750 lives.