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V-Mart to sell products for visually challenged persons on no-profit, no-loss basis across its stores

In a first initiative of its kind in India, the major retail chain has joined hands with Saksham Charitable Trust to make available Braille and other assistive & utility items across its stores on no-profit, no-loss basis to empower visually challenged persons.

A large range of assistive and utility products including Braille watches, Talking items, Low vision items, Canes, Braille learning device, Writing frames device, Math’s/Geometry items, Games, Stylus, Computer/Daisy books reading & recording devices, Audio described films, Nuance talks software for mobile/Screen software for computer and other items will be made available at V-Mart stores.

To begin with, these products will be available in V-Marts stores in the cities of Ajmer, Allahabad, Chandigarh, Dehradun and Gorakhpur. The number of cities where these items will be available will expand gradually.

V-Mart has joined hands with Saksham Charitable Trust, an organization which works for the empowerment of visually challenged persons, to take forward this initiative. Saksham will source and make available these items for V-Mart stores. V-Mart will provide space, promote and market these products. The entire proceeds from sales of these items will go to Saksham.